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Jul 9, 2010 12:00am CDT
. >> good night, everybody. >> thanks for staying up with us tonight. todd, what are you doing? waiting for my moment. [thinking] ok, moving on. it was time for my new daily ritual-- asking dr. cox to lunch. hey, dr. cox, what are you doing for lunch? not having it with you, paula. oh. good luck eating. this is every spoon from the cafeteria. and guess what. today just happens to be soup and frozen yogurt day. ooh, i'm gonna have tomato and strawberry. lunch for us, not going to happen. normally, i'd tell you something harsh right about now like "we're not friends." but then you'll just grin that stupid grin and shake your head back and forth like "how could that possibly be true?" because it's ludicrous. ah, just give me a spoon, will you, please. oh, for goodness sake. you've called my bluff. and today isn't soup and frozen yogurt today. it's actually salad and smoothie day. i'm still having tomato and strawberry. i'm having a weird pregnancy craving. hey, j.d., if you go out, would you get me a hot italian sausage? i got a hot italian sausage for you right here. people think i just l
FOX News
Jul 10, 2010 10:00am EDT
get to todd. that issue of borrowed money, the deficit, printing presses and printing money. the federal government is the only one who can do that and in fact, the state government faced a huge amount of debt in fiscal-- in this fiscal year, so, either they're going to have to cut or raise taxes, they're trying to cut the unions are fighting them. who is right? >> right. or, or the unions won't allow their salaries to stay the same. governor chris christy of new jersey said the teachers unions said they won't take the next pay increase next year and will not have to layoff one teacher, but instead, the unions just like in milwaukee said, no, we're going to layoff teachers, we're going to take our pay hikes. i think for once, the unions can sacrifice with the rest of us. and the government spending help getting us out of the recession and europe wouldn't be the poorest country, they'd be the richest and realizing, it didn't work. you know what got us out of the last recession, the tax cut in 2003 and that got our unemployment rate to 4.5% in 2006. let's use something that wo
Jul 23, 2010 4:30am PDT
to me about this program is we are going to be treat todd an extraordinary panorama of style and diversity. we will start off with mr. james
Jul 27, 2010 11:32am PDT
this information to todd, and say, given a financing structure, what we want rates to look out over time, the answer might be different. >> that will be the next section. >> these match what we discussed in the 10-year budget program. how long can we wait to catch up? >> the thing that i have been wrestling with is we did have discussions as part of the budget process. there was a recommendation that we do with the 15-year cycle. so if that is answered, what is the question, what are we trying to do here? if this information is given to todd, and the direction is how do we finance it, that will give you one answer. here is a risk profile, here is what it takes to do with that risk over time. here is how it will play out. you tell us the financially most important thing to do. that may get a different enter. if we say we want to have the rates change in some other way, basically we want to have blocks of actions that are tied to something that people can understand, then we could conceivably come up with a third enter. a --nswer. >> the discussion we will be having about rates, if you put
Jul 14, 2010 12:05am EDT
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Jul 28, 2010 9:00am EDT
of new jersey. >> chuck todd, i know why we are late, and it is not because joe is here, it is because your favorite smart and starky author is on "morning joe." am i correct? >> i love carl. tourist season is the greatest piece of non-fiction written about south florida history. and that's the funny thing about it, it is supposedly fiction. those of us who grew up in south florida know that might not be. >> chuck todd, is it okay, then? is it okay we are a little late? >> mika, it isn't, but it is okay because i love "top chef." so all is forgiven. love him. >> we'll wrap it up right now. time for chuck and savannah. >>> all right. on day one hundred of the gulf disaster, there's word that the oil may be disappearing faster than anyone thought. is that too good to be true? >>> and meet the guy that was a tea partier before there was a tea party. i'm chuck todd. >> i'm savannah guthrie. we'll gelgt right to "the rundown." two americans have died overseas in a commercial plane crash that happened overnight in pakistan. 152 people were onboard. there are no known survivors. we'll get the
Jul 7, 2010 5:00pm EDT
with democratic groups to get their immigrati and todd harris is a republican strategist. i don't know why i mispronounce your name but let's go to the toughest question of your life. i'll start with todd because it's easy. how is your side, how do you recommend your side use the arizona issue, tough new law on immigration, the president is suing to kill it? how do you recommend that your candidates nationwide exploit the hell out of this issue to win an election this year? >> well, i think -- it's already happening. >> these an easy one. >> the fact is that -- that this lawsuit from the obama administration, i mean, this is like pouring blood into shark-infested waters as far as the republican base and even most independents are concerned. the fact is in poll after poll and state after state, most voters believe that the united states should not be the one country in the world that doesn't enforce its immigration laws. this -- this lawsuit fits the perfect stereotype of what most swing voters believe about this -- about the obama administration which is that this is a massive expansion and
Jul 27, 2010 10:02am PDT
is that fought through with regards to the financial fixer? -- picture? >> todd will be looking at that. when we look at the complete business impact we have to consider both and what both would warrant in terms of rate increases or changes. but we have given him projections for the spending. ssip is different because those are discrete projects that need to be laid out over time. r and r is a more predictable amount of work. in the future we will have other types that relate to the system, like changing of the ponds and other types of things, that is was being programmed into the financial were given to todd. >> i was going to rest a similar question. at the end of the day we will have to figure out how one relates to the other. to do the level of r&r that we think we should be doing will take a lot of money. by the time we start thinking about the impact we are capable of dealing with, it will be in front of us. today we will have only one piece to figure out how the space out. >> our assumptions that have gone into the modeling, the process being used books every component r&r & -- component
FOX News
Jul 17, 2010 2:30pm EDT
said things about the palins that were not completely true. i've already privately apologized to todd and sarah, since my statements were public, i owe it to the palins to publicly apologize and now we're hearing wedding bells. this week's cover story in us weekly, the former lovebirds are now back together and engaged and interesting that he made a private apology to todd and sarah palin and i gather from her statement, that she's not necessarily excited to have him back in the family, but at any rate. >> well, this is a soap opera operating on many different dimensions, i think that's fair to say, and we've got to be mindful, whatever you say in private, we also have to tweet. >> jon: and again, the coverage is, the question is, the coverage of his-- you know, cbs invited him on the early show to ask about the dirt that he had on sarah palin. >> let me it will you why this is great interest. the first reaction is i don't care and then as i thought about this as a highly paid pundit and analyst, i said, you know why people care about this? because every parent of a daughter is afraid
FOX News
Jul 17, 2010 11:30pm EDT
said things about the palins that were not completely true. i've privately apologized to todd and sarah. since my statements were public i owe it to the palins to publicly apologize. now we are hearing wedding bells. the former love birds are back together and now they are engaged. interesting jim that he made a private apology to todd and sarah palin and i gather from her statement that she is not necessarily excited to have him back in the family. any rate -- >> this is a soap opera operating on many different dimensions, i think that's fair to say. we to be mindful whatever you private, we also have to tweet. >> the coverage is, the coverage of his -- i mean you know cbs invited him on the early show to ask about the dirt he on sarah palin. >> let me tell you why this has such great interest. my first reaction was, i don't care. as i thought about this as a highly paid pundit and analyst. every parent of a daughter is afraid she will go link up with a loser like this. that's why we are interested in this. a lot of us have experience in this area. >> we should be happy that the palins
Jul 19, 2010 5:30pm PDT
chief white house correspondent chuck todd is with us now from the briefing room with more. chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. no one is feeling the effects of this sluggish economy more than those folks who currently can't find a job. and today the president stepped right into this political fight over how to pay for an extension of benefits for the long-term unemployed. appearing alongside three unemployed americans, the president took to the rose garden to blame republicans for blocking an extension of unemployment benefits. >> for the past few weeks a majority of senators have tried not once, not twice, but three times to extend emergency relief on a temporary basis. each time the partisan minority in the senate has used parliamentary maneuvers to block a vote. >> reporter: the president said it was after senate democrats already secured the votes for an extension. instead republican leaders weren't objecting to it but they wanted the $34 billion costs to be paid for with budget cuts not added to the trillion-dollar-plus budget deficit. >> at what point do we piv
Jul 21, 2010 5:30pm PDT
chief white house correspondent chuck todd. chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. what started out as a simple speech about racial healing by shirley sherrod ended with apologies all around from the white house and the full obama administration. >> this is a good woman. she's been put through hell. and i could have done and should have done a better job. >> reporter: a humbled agriculture secretary, tom vilsack, took full responsibility for the fires. >> these types of decisions require time. i didn't take the time. i should have. and i will have to live with that for a long, long time. >> reporter: vilsack said late this afternoon he called sherrod to apologize and discussed bringing her back to the department in a new capacity. >> she has a unique set of skills which i think would lend themselves to assisting and helping usda as we deal with trying to turn the page on our civil rights chapter. >> reporter: vilsack said a history of racial discrimination at the department of agriculture contributed to his hasty decision on monday. >> i was very sensitive and remain sen
Jul 22, 2010 5:30pm PDT
later, that happened. our chief white house correspondent chuck todd in our washington newsroom with the latest on this. chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. well, the president became the latest public official to personally apologize to shirley sherrod today. in a seven-minute phone call this afternoon, the president also encouraged her to take a new agriculture department job that's been specifically designed for her. from his private study just off the oval office, the president phoned shirley sherrod to try to extinguish what's become a fire storm. >> obviously she's got a remarkable story. he expressed his apologies for the events of the last several days. >> reporter: during their media blitz, the former agriculture department worker has been on tv in back-to-back interviews and the president struggled to get ahold of her. >> the white house operator tried on at least two occasions last night and was both unable to reach her and unable to leave a voicemail. >> reporter: this morning sherrod indicated she wanted to speak to mr. obama, not to receive an ap
Jul 14, 2010 12:00pm EDT
. >> reporter: todd bolton is the arborist for the city of takoma park. >> all of this wood inside is now rotten. so the only part holding the tree was this little good section right there. >> it would have happened anyway. >> reporter: the storm was-- >> the storm was probably just the final nail in the coffin. >> yes, that's what it was. >> reporter: now todd is in charge of cleaning up this mess while cleanup continues across the area. another tree crashed into a car on military road in northwest d.c., and this tree took out utility lines at broad ranch road in brandywine. in washington, kristin fisher, 9news now. >>> the down trees are part of the problem for power crews. right now pepco is reporting more than 5700 outages in the washington metropolitan area. >>> one man is in custody, another man is dead following a shooting that occurred in wheaton, maryland. the 27-year-old victim was found at 1:00 a.m. on randolph road near wheaton high school. a short while later a man walked into the nearby police station and surrendered. >> the victim and a 22-year-old acquaintance came to this reside
Jul 20, 2010 12:00pm EDT
cook the food that they are not used to. so todd will cook japanese cuisine and kaz will cook todd's american regional cuisine. >> that's really neat. the thing about it is, that's how it works but why do something like this? leg mason has been going on 42 years. people have enjoyed the great game on the court and great things for kids off court but why this? >> we want to bring cuisine to the forefront and the competition aspect and man against man and women against women or chef against chef. >> washington has really changed. people used to come for the tourist sites and the monday numbs but now the food is part of the cultural draw to the city what happened? >> i don't know, but it is great to be part of and really enjoyable. >> and again, the legg mason tennis tournament, the competition here is all for a very good cause. if people don't know, the washington tennis and education foundation, the at-risk youth program benefit from the even. i love going there. my tennis game is bad but i'm a great voyeur of the game of tennis. >> i have been there for family day in the past and t
FOX News
Jul 12, 2010 9:00pm EDT
they -- by the way a plane just took off behind you -- that they may lose the house. >> probably todd. >> sean: hi todd. they may lose the house of representatives. i argue that is probably a strategy by the democrats to raise expectations to the point where anything short of taking over the house and senate they will try to spin as a defeat for republicans. your thoughts? >> i agree that probably is the strategy. i hope that in this case, gibbs' words come true. we are on the path towards insolvent. >> we are not addressing the problems that the american people are expecting their federal government to assist with. allowing the private sector to -- securing our board earth, making sure we have health care that is affordable, not a government program shoved down our throats. all those problems surfacing and people getting ticked off at the government and the obama administration and they want those things addressed. i hope what gibbs is spewing isn't just that campaign strategy to raise expectations. i hope it comes true. >> sean: we'll stay on the economy for just a second. 50% rasmussen poll now
FOX News
Jul 8, 2010 3:00am EDT
to todd and sarah. and since my statements were published, i owe it to the palins to apologize to the palin family. they forgive my youthful indescrepgz. >> you said that she and todd were on the brink of divorce. since then,im told he spent his free time doing this... >> actually, not a bad way to spend your free time. constantine, what do you make of this? why do you think he apologized now? >> i think it's brilliant. it's, you know, he has his p.r. people behind this. this is a great way to spin it. his 15 minutes were up, obviously, with the negative things he was putting out there. if he can learn how to talk. you never really heard him talk much. just short phrases. but he's a good-looking dude. he's charming. people like him. if he can learn to talk and use this and spin it into something positive, i'm all for it. >> english is his second language. isn't he inuit. he's a tool. i love how he calls them todd and sarah. >> very presumptious. >> they are like his grandparents. okay, john, he's a tool. aren't the real villains the people who used him as a bludgeon -- >> that'
Jul 15, 2010 5:30pm PDT
questions. >>> tough times. president obama tells our own chuck todd what keeps him up at night these days. >>> calling the cops? not so fast. why more communities are telling citizens, "you're on your own," when it comes to certain crimes. >>> and making a difference. tonight, it's the first time we have ever honored dummies. tonight, it's the first time we have ever honored dummies. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. it may be temporary. it may not hold, but we want to show you something that for a long while here didn't seem like we were ever going to see. right now, there is no oil spilling into the gulf. for now, the cap is on and working. no new billowing oil beyond, of course, the three-month supply already in the gulf waters and on the shores and in the marshes. they are testing the pressure now. this stoppage may not last. it's not a permanent solution. that can only come from those relief wells, but now we are able to visualize at least the day we have been hoping would arrive. we want to begin again tonight with our chief e
Jul 25, 2010 7:30am EDT
credit. also with us todd mccracken president of the national small business association. great to see both of you. >> great to be here. >> bill, i want to start with you because there has been this debate going on in washington whether to pass this $30 billion lending program. i'm assuming you think there is no need for it. you say the banks already have the money. >> i think they do. i'm the chairman of the board of a small bank that services small businesses in new jersey and we just want some good applicants to come in the door. we'd like to make loans. and it's getting a little bit better month to month. we're getting some. but if you look at the whole banking system loaded with money to lend but if you look at the small business owners, you know, they don't have a reason to lend. i'll just give you one simple example. small businesses really dominate the construction market. housing starts are a million below, a million units below where they usually are, and that would mean a million applications for construction loans don't happen and because these firms are sitting on the side
Jul 13, 2010 1:00pm EDT
on the numbers with nbc's chuck todd and kelly o'donnell. >>> plus, "washington post's" chris alyssa on decision 2010. >>> the president today finds someone willing to take on the federal budget deficit, deputy secretary of state jack lew, a former budget director in the clinton years, will take on the challenge once again. but what will hillary clinton do without jack lew at the state department? >> i was actually worried that hillary would not let him go. i had to trade a number of number one draft picks to get jack back at omb. >>> and remembering the boss. controversial yankees owner george steinbrenner dying at the age of 80. filmmaker ken burns with us this hour. >>> and good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington, and we start today with a pivotal day in the gulf, where engineers are now preparing to test the new containment cap on the leaking oil head. the tests could take two days to complete. the results should give us the clearest picture yet of just how damaged that well is. >> maybe counterintuitive to some. in this exercise, high pressure is good. whatever information we get out of
Jul 17, 2010 11:00am EDT
. they are here for three days. they got here yesterday. the president has told chuck todd the other day that one other thing on his plate as far as family mat seters is concern malia will go away for a move summer camp. something that might leave a tear in his eye. >> something i noticed in my eye, you actually have been reporting all morning long since 7:00 this morning. we did have a special about all your different reports. we noticed 7:36. he has on the jacket. >> okay. >> 8:17, he's switching to just a plain shirt. >> 9:08, totally different shirt. and at 106789. 01, another shirt. let me just make that clear to everyone. this is four different outfits, mike viqueira. what's going on? and now the shorts. do you have on shoes? >> no. i have on sandals. >> why do you need four different shirts this morning? >> well, nora, i'll tell you. first i was on a different platform of the empire of nbc news and i thought a jacket might be appropriate. and then we tend to be a little more casual as you're demonstrating at this moment. so i took it off. then i decided, well, you know what, it is getting
Jul 30, 2010 3:00pm PDT
the views of two veterans who have extensive experience dealing with them. todd bowers is a staff sergeant in the marine corps reserves. he served two tours in iraq and one in afghanistan last year. he's the deputy executive director of iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. and retired army colonel peter mansoor was a brigade commander in iraq and wrote a book about his experience, "baghdad at sunrise." he served as executive officer to general petraeus during the surge in 2007-2008. he now teaches military history at ohio state university. and peterman soor, in the recent news you haven't heard much about pitched battles with individual fighters, has the i.e.d. become the weapon of choice for the afghan insurgency? >> it. it's a smart weapon for the insurgents to use. they don't have to put their troops at risk. but it is also a fairly indiscriminate weapon killing civilians and military forces alike. so the enemy clearly is willing to use those kind of weapons and take the fallout as it occurs. >> suarez: well, what makes it, as you say, smart what makes it an attractive, useful weap
Jul 18, 2010 7:00pm EDT
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Jul 23, 2010 1:00pm EDT
with us a second because we have got chuck todd here, nbc news political director and chief white house correspondent and co-host of "'daily run down." you have been talking to people as well. the white house cannot be happy, the president comes out, tries to regain the platform, talk about things they have achieved this week they want to talk about financial regulation they want to talk about the extension of the jobs bill, here, the second day in a rocker third day in the row because of the shirley sherrod mess-up, now they are talking about charlie rangel and we are talking about charlie rangel. >> sure the washington story clearly if there is any story out of washington today, not what the president said about the economy it is going to be about charlie rangel and particularly what he is going to say here in a few minutes. i have talked to folks they can don't gosh if he is resigning or retiring or anything like that, he hasn't given anybody a heads up, the expectation is that this is going to be a very defiant charlie rangel, similar to the blind defiance he showed with luke yester
Jul 28, 2010 3:00pm EDT
, and do the job that they have the responsibility to do. >> nbc's chuck todd joins us now live from the white house. chuck, does the obama administration view this ruling as a victory? >> well, i think it's not one of those victories where they're jumping up and down and cheering about. they know this is a politically sensitive topic. pretty much, they know this is hurting particularly democrats in arizona, but this is what they wanted. remember, the part that they were truly most concerned about and the thing the president singled out had to do with this idea that local law enforcement would be, you know, when they pulled somebody over, would be required to check for citizenship, and that that is something that seemed to be of the most concern to the president and to the justice department. i think the fact is, you could tell that the white house is a little bit concerned about the politics of this. because you don't have the president commenting about it today. they're pointing everybody to go to the justice department and the department of homeland security. >> although presumabl
Jul 15, 2010 10:00am EDT
white house correspondent chuck todd is waiting for the president to arrive in grand rapids, michigan. good morning to you, chuck. the white house says the stimulus has saved or created 3 million jobs. a lot of polls, though, show the american people aren't buying it. >> no, that has been the disconnect that the white house has had with the american public and that's the reason why you see the president now on the road about once or twice a week somewhere in the heartland. last week it was missouri and this week it's michigan trying to go to some place that got some of this government stimulus money. remember it was about $900 billion stimulus program and in this case, today, it is about these, a factory that they're going to do a groundbreaking to build a factory that will manufacture these car batteries for electric cars, both the chevy volt and chevy's electric car, the version of the ford folks and both said they're going to use batteries made in this plant so, it's one of these things particularly in a state like michigan whose unemployment rate is under 13% and highest unemploym
Jul 16, 2010 11:00am EDT
answer that i'm going to have for them is when they get a job. >> chuck todd sat down with a one-on-one exclusive with president obama. we'll talk with chuck about that interview. an interview on pop star pink's condition after an awful fall during one of her concerts. more of that video. >>> a site we've all been waiting for for almost three months. right now, as you can see, we have some live pictures. no oil is coming out of that well at the bottom of the gulf of mexico. bp's new containment cap is now capturing all of the gushing oil. bp cautions, though, it is not time for any of us to celebrate. this is all part of a pressure test to see if the new cap will hold. the tests, in fact, continue right now. here's what president obama had to say just in the past hour. >> what they're working to determine is whether we can safely shut in the well using the new cap without creating new problems. including possibly countless new oil leaks in the sea floor. >> we have team coverage with nbc mara who is still live with us in venice, louisiana, and michelle franzen with reaction from
Jul 17, 2010 9:00am EDT
todd, malia, who turned 12, she's going away for a month-lo sleepaway summer camp. the president says when that happens he may have a tear in his eye. >> how's the lobster up there? >> reporter: it's outstanding, not that i've been out and about trying lobster or anything of that nature. it is really a nice spot up here. and i know there's a heat wave gripping the east coast, even reached as far as maine. it's actually kind of warm up here today. >> maybe a lobster roll for lunch. >> reporter: that will be my third one. thanks. >> exactly. mike, thanks so much. for more on the issues facing president obama right now. let's bring in ann, the president getting away, it's a 24/7 job. one of things most difficult for the president and the white house, the gulf oil spill. the news this week they may have capped it. what does that mean for this white house? >> well, potentially it could be good news if in the long run it holds and this thing seems to be winding down coming to an end. it's dominated a briefing every day, robert gibbs has become a technical expert in complaining this to us. a
Jul 14, 2010 9:00pm EDT
republican forum. he's a talk radio host on sirius xm. and benjamin todd from kansas city. is president and ceo of the naacp. all right, ben. it was obviously a ridiculous ad. but it's one person in one party in one section of the country. why raise a whole racist thing against the whole movement, ben? >> well, you know, the billboard actually wasn't what prompted this. what prompted this were folks here in the "show me" state who, you know, had -- knew that the council of concerned -- sorry, the council of conservative citizens. a group that says black people are not prepared -- not genetically equipped to participate in democracy. has been promoting tea party membership. and bragging about their influence and activity in the tea party. that in the midst of all these horrible signs we've seen. congressman being spit on. civil rights icons like john lewis being called the "n" word. barney frank being called the "f" word. a gay slur. we haven't heard dick armey or the other tea party leaders come out and just say, that's wrong, there's no space for bigotry in our ranks. >> larry: okay. w
Jul 10, 2010 8:00pm EDT
programs. a first, the kansas senate republican primary debate between congressman jerry moran and todd tiahrt. also, president obama speaks at a fund-raiser for robert carnahan. following that, congressman roy blunt talks with local businessmen in lebanon, missouri. our political blocs starts with the kansas senate republican primary debate. this is between congressman jerry moran and todd tiahrt. the candidates are looking to replace sam of brownback was running for government this fall. tv in topeka, kan. is hosting the event. >> in 2011, kansas will be celebrating 150 years since entering the united states and becoming the 34th state in the union. kansas will also be getting a new u.s. senator with incumbent sam brownback running for governor. two canada's hope to get your vote on august 3. congressman jerry moran has represented western kansas since 1990 sex. before that, he was a member of the kansas state senate from 1988 until 1996. congressman todd tiahrt has represented southeastern kansas since 1995. before that, he was a member of the kansas state senate from 1992 until 1994
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